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About Us

We're an eLearning and collaborative platform for systems thinking and systems change. We work to empower a diversity of individuals and organization in learning and applying systems innovation ideas and methods towards tackling complex challenges.

Not sure what systems innovation is?

Systems innovation is a new approach to innovation that tries to tackle complex systemic challenges through the use of systems thinking and innovation driven approaches. It is a kind of innovation that is focused on transformational change - systems change - rather than incremental change in individual parts. This kind of systems change is recognized to be key in tackling some of the most complex environmental and social challenges we face, such as climate change, inequality, cybersecurity, or the water crisis.

What Do You Do?

We have build a learning and collaborative platform that empowers our users to do systems level innovation. We help you think in systems, better understand complexity, to better map, manage and design complex systems towards realizing sustainable outcomes.


We are a networked organization of some 6K+ members forming part of 15+ hubs in major cities around the world. Our community is broad and diverse in areas of work and interest from academics – students, researchers, professors – to management – consultants, analysts, policymakers – to designers, engineers, developers, innovators and entrepreneurs etc.

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