Systems Innovation Network

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About Us

The Si Network is an online platform connecting people around the world to learn and apply the ideas and methods of systems innovation towards addressing complex challenges.

What is Systems Innovation?

Systems innovation is a new approach to innovation that tries to tackle complex social and environmental challenges through the use of more holistic & innovation driven approaches. It is a kind of innovation that aims to change the underlying structure of a system, thus potentially enabling a more transformational kind of change - systems change - rather than incremental "innovation as usual"

What Do You Do?

We are building an ecosystem of individuals and organizations co-learning and co-creating systems innovation across geographies and sectors. This ecosystem is enabled by our online platform which provides educational content, toolkits, organizes events and projects as well as provides various support services for organizations. 

So... Why do you do This?

We envision a world where key systems that are currently failing - like education, healthcare, and food systems - work, and they work for everyone. We believe the failure of these systems is not by accident but more a function of how we think and organize within a linear industrial age paradigm. Thus incremental innovation within the current paradigm will not be sufficed, we need to learn how to understand and innovate in systems. We are on a mission to build this new innovation capacity at all levels, individual, organizational & societal towards making systems change happen.

Who's Involved?

We are a networked organization of some 17K+ members forming part of 20+ hubs in major cities around the world. Our community is broad and diverse in areas of work and interest from designers, innovators, and entrepreneurs, to researchers and management but they all share a common interest in learning and applying systems thinking ideas.
The Si platform is developed and managed by a small core team based in London UK. We are registered as a business but operate as a social enterprise focused on our purpose of advancing the area of systems innovation in theory and practice.